5 Reasons to Study Medicine

Medical school can be long, gruelling, and expensive. Here are five reasons why so many still find it a rewarding choice.
A medical degree is one of the most difficult to achieve, and takes longer than almost any other degree; however, it is worth all the effort. Here are five reasons why.

  • You can directly improve the quality of peoples’ lives every day. You may even save lives. Many compassionate people choose medical careers because they want to help people in a tangible way.
  • Medicine is one of the most highly respected fields with world-wide recognition. Very few career fields can match the professional respect granted to doctors.
  • Job security—medical professionals are always in high demand. There is a great need for doctors and other medical professionals almost everywhere.
  • Varied career fields available. Becoming a doctor is not the only option for those who study medicine. The many possibilities include psychiatry, radiology, surgery, anaesthesia, biomedicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, pharmacy, nursing, nutrition, and even veterinary medicine.
  • People. Studying medicine is an excellent choice if you are a people person. You will work as a team with your co-workers, and will help improve the health and well-being of your patients.