Community Actions and Interactions

The community around Premium executives suite stands for all the members actively working around our office space. This group exists specifically to empower intra-community interactions. Both individuals and groups belonging to a specific company have regular meet-ups created in order to built up a global mindset and a good living and sharing experience.

The professional support services behind these events exist to make a better environment for all the companies in the building and make their businesses grow. The very existence of these activities is based on the amazing members behind this shared platform. Strong relations between employees, partners and clients built up the friendly work environment that you will soon be grateful for. Being able to work in this ambiance, similar to the one entrepreneur-593359_960_720at the core of your family, you will soon start to consider the office as your second home.

Each Thursday at lunchtime there is a general meeting in the restaurant area, where the new members are presented to the group and given a warm welcome to the big family. Important aspects and problems of the daily office life are discussed and solutions come up during collective brainstorming sessions. At the end of the meeting coffee and cake from the house is served, as the custom was passed from the first generation of renters in our building.

An outdoor activity is being organised once a month in our community. The participation to the collective team-building session is not compulsory, though with great pleasure the statistics reveal that participation percentage is as high as 80%. Each activity subject is carefully discussed and voted two Thursdays before the event happens. The activities vary from running marathons, treasure hunts or quiz contents. Teams are not compulsory to be part from the same organisation, so interesting fellowships are being built up.