Experience Description at Executive Suites

What are the benefits of being a client in our office area? From the minute you’ve stepped inside our building you will be captivated by the professionalism of the main receptionist area. The person at the from desk will always welcome dude-in-startup-officeyou with a big smile that will make any concerns go away. Further than that, the lounge waiting area has a modern furniture with a cozy atmosphere. Even if the waiting time might be longer, you will not feel it passing by slowly. The personnel from the cafeteria will take care of you and kindly offer you soft drinks, tea, coffee or small desserts.

The whole area is covered by WiFi signal, so that you could take care of unfinished business while waiting for the next meeting. The minute you will connect to our free internet connection, the virtual platform application will be suggested to install on your device, either if it’s mobile or laptop. The application will grant you access to the meetings schedule, the shortest path to the conference room, details about the people that will join in and their positions.

At all times you will have the impression that you network with real professionals. Everything you need to know will be provided to you via the application, so that we save precious time, and let you take care of your own pressing matters.

When you will move to the conference room, the material from the upcoming presentation will be visible to your user on the virtual platform, so that you can follow up easier the descriptions of the dates in the meeting. This material will be available to your device long after the presentation, just in case you forget something. On your way out you will be greeted with deepest sympathy and kindly welcomed back next time.