Outside Working Hours Benefits

The benefits of working out are available within our space for your employees. Everybody knows that a healthy mind is being found inside a healthy body. Our complete offers are available for your employees to take care of their health right at the working location. Making it easier for them to get out of the stress bubble and find the time to exercise will increase their happiness and productivity. The benefits will not delay to appear in the productivity.download

The people in your team will highly appreciate your willingness to make them save the driving time needed to go to a different exercising place far away from the office. Exercising, at least three times a week is visible on the mood, elevating the endorphins in the brain. It also helps them disconnect, in order to become more efficient in the problem solving tasks, daily routine and ability to juggle between the responsibilities in the office. The improved morale will be seen in the lower sickness rate or sick leave. Not to mention that the opportunity of having the gym in the same building will guarantee that the people in your team will find the time to exercise after a busy day at work.

Whether is about taking a very early swim session, that 30 minutes run in the lunch break, the late afternoon gym workout or the weekend trails escape on a bike, straight to the green outskirts of the city, everything is right at your employees disposal right in the basement of the building. Let us give you the good news that the gym access is free for all your employees starting with the first day of the office contract.

A fit workforce will also be motivated with our monthly outdoor activity challenge, thus giving them the chance to work out with a purpose!