Virtual Platform for Your Business

Virtual Office Platform is the newest product that connects virtually all the people in the building. The assistance service provides full support to every question anyone will have about the internal organisation.

The product is composed of two applications: one for the desktop or the laptop and another mobile. Both software are free for all the newcomers in the team. The virtual space makes it easier to organize internal meetings, conferences and room booking for different events. The administrative services include live receptionist, virtual mail, appointment scheduling and even communication with the

This platform comes in three stages: junior, mid-level and senior user. Each one of them will be explained to you individually after you’ve moved in. The junior is recommended for small businesses. It includes access to all the application’s menu: live receptionist, appointment schedule and conference rooms DeskUnion_Coworking_Glasgowbooking. It is designed to be used in a smaller circle of people with beginner actions.

The mid-level virtual platform is designed to sustain more users at the same time, equipped with standard check-in and check-out times linked directly to the access card, access to the live feed from the meeting rooms booked by the company. This feature is appreciated by the remotely working people or delegated ones, that can take part in the discussions and be live in the conference room.

The senior platform has the complete access to overwrite any feature in the system on top of the features for the first two levels. This used is the game changer in the office schedule. The three platforms can also be used in the same company, by employees at different level. For example, interns or junior level people can have granted access to the junior module, employees with higher hierarchy can receive the mid-level and the people on top of the company the senior user.